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“That’s why it’s the most popular sport in the world: it makes you want to kill yourself”

Grace a)I love this quote b) true c) have you considered getting really into baseball, cuz it definitely has an identical ethos

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This is taking up all my energy for infuriating sports. I need to spend my free time thinking about something more calm and soothing, like politics.

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"It was absolutely terrible if, like me, you wanted a better sense of how good either of these teams are, because the circumstances gradually became so strange that it’s impossible to make real sense of the match." <--

I feel like you still got that to some extent from the first quarter of the game. Though Bissouma and co caused some problems (not convinced about MacAllister as a six at all), Liverpool's attack seemed far too fluid for Spurs, as it has for pretty much every team this season. Even with 10 men, Liverpool created much higher quality chances than Spurs in the first half.

Whilst the game was ruined to a large extent by a harsh sending off, a pretty horrific offside call, and a first yellow for Jota that the referee simply got wrong (not to mention Jota being an idiot for 2nd), it was probably another indicator that Liverpool and City are still slightly ahead of the rest.

That being said, we have discovered this weekend that you can still stop both teams if they only have nine players on the pitch, or if they are missing several of their best players!

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replay creep is a massive problem in American sports. the end of college basketball games (already slow and filled with timeouts to begin with) are now completely unwatchable due to endless replays. it's reached the point where there is now replay in the Little League World Series (for non-Americans, that is an under 13 baseball competition). replay reviews for 11 and 12 year olds. it has to stop, and I hope incidents like this make people realize it will always have problems and to limit its use, or at least keep it from becoming so overwhelming.

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