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May 13, 2022·edited May 13, 2022

as you've discussed before, this also seems to "complete" the Grealish move from last season.

I am idly (i.e. not seriously) wondering, however, if a) the Grealish move is perhaps a precursor to how this fit works next season, especially with other Bundesliga to Prem signings looking like notable flops and b) if this Man City side has potential for a bit of a clash of egos behind the scenes with the very expensive new blood coming in and more and more senior "leadershIp" getting older and leaving. Pep's been there a while now and the intensity of style could lead to burn out too.

idk, mainly spitballing, but they are idle musings that I would love to come true, of course. at least the Barcelona "extraterrestrials" (as they were called in Italy) had the Catalan identity thing going for them and were fighting Real Madrid. I just really can't find an angle to like this Man City, Liverpool connections aside

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